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    28.09.16   01:43

Pure Liang sister: Well, has just completed a condition.
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    27.09.16   15:37

Zheng came, Lin Xiaoxu tried a few notes. Don't play for a long time, the fingering is rusty. Slowly think, a smooth note from the Xiao Xu refers to the next flow.
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    27.09.16   05:35

Guan Yuerong's brain white, fat Ya mother where she will know exactly what name She come across for fat ya body, and no one with her mother's surname mentioned fat ya.
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    26.09.16   19:32

Oh, the tone is not small! Do you want to travel all over the country I'd like to play oh! Gu Siyuan not resigned to playing second fiddle.
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    26.09.16   09:47

Half a moment, an I would like to cool stood up, went to the side of the wash hand, this is sitting opposite her, say, come in to do what
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    26.09.16   00:41

However, since God has brought me to this old social evil, is not so easy to take me away. I close my eyes closed, then open the sadly found himself still fiery sight under siege, and there are more and more people with Antiochus Dickies general. Look at me, let me in the eyes of the crowd under various.
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    25.09.16   06:13

Didn't you say you didn't read the poem
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    24.09.16   21:05

Zhang Haiyang stopped short of God, only half pay a frown, Mann soft, although I don't know you and Yang Yuyan what happened, but it seems that you are not in a good mood is actually about her. I and Yang Yuyan family behind the cooperation in this two years has basically been completed, currently only Yang Yuyan founded the military yard and 30 of the shares of investment, if you have to take her out of words, can I return these shares, will not have any connection with her.
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    08.09.16   06:25

cartierbraceletlove “In the end, the existence of the bike lane will probably have near zero influence on their members’ ability to conduct business.” — this is why I feel that his opinion is unreasonable. When you chose to have an opinion despite plenty of evidence to the contrary… that’s straight up unreasonable. And continuing to say “bikes shouldn’t be here but whatever they will be grumble grumble…” is not really gracefully conceding. It’s continuously complaining for no real reason. If there were logical, evidenced reasons that this lane would be an issue, I’d understand the grumbling. But now it’s just the grumbling of a grumpy sore loser. Which is silly, as he did get a compromise.
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    19.08.16   12:59

Proud of you .
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